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Set your tone the right way with Facebook Marketing services provided by Smart SEO Ranking.

Working with Smart SEO Ranking, You don’t have to worry about managing or marketing your Facebook Accounts. We know the right strings to pull that will set the tone of your Facebook Marketing presence. We know how to play with Facebook tricks to boost your organic reach. Our experts know how to handle and operate successful Facebook Accounts and manage them so that they become the most interactive and happening business pages. 

  • Completing a market analysis of your service areas and industry
  • Finding local competitors currently outperforming you in audience size and engagement
  • Analyzing content and messaging that performs well in your industry
  • Researching content that has high engagement with your audience
  • Posting and scheduling regular posts
  • Monitoring engagement and interaction
  • Managing and tweaking parameters for each campaign
  • Monitoring engagement and interaction from customer base
  • Monitoring engagement, leads, and sales from campaigns
  • Building your audience across appropriate social channels

Organic Booster is what your Social Media Profiles Require

Facebook is an important social media platform. Running a well-managed account on Facebook can get you leads, give you exposure, and help you create your brand awareness among people.

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Services Asked Question From Clients

It is important to have your Facebook Business page and Ad Account ready. Please, make sure that your Business page is published and your Ad Account has a payment method.

No, I only request admin access to your Business page and Ad Account. Getting your login and password credentials is against the Facebook policy

Yes. In addition to writing your Facebook ad copy, I will do in-depth competitor research and provide niche specific audience suggestions 

No, I don’t. I set up Facebook ads with the best marketing practices. However, conversions depend a lot on your engagement rate, landing page, offer to the audience, and YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE. 

If there occurs a technical problem with your Facebook account or you need to set up anything which can only be done by your account, we will need to have a screen-sharing meeting, the details of which will be shared in order chat once an order has been started. It will be part of the project.

Keep in mind it’s against Facebook’s TOS to advertise cryptocurrencies, prescription/illegal drugs, firearms, ammunition, tobacco products & e-cigs, animals, adult services/products, gambling products, loans, MLM products/services, prohibited supplements & deceptive goods/services.


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Setup 1 ads on fb + 2 ads set+ Pinpoint targeting by audience research+ 3 days manage



Setup 2 ads on Fb + 4 ads set+ Pinpoint targeting by audience research+ 5 days manage



Setup 3 ads+ 6 ads set +Pinpoint targeting +re-targeting+ LLA + 10 days manage

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